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Kawaii Crypto Bubble Pop Presskit

Developer: Fluffy Wiggle - based in Dublin, CA

Release : iOS/Android- December 31, 2018



Has the Cryptocurrency Bubble popped?? Play Kawaii Crypto Bubble Pop as you Hodl to the Moon! Play as your favorite Kawaii Crypto friends like Bitcoin Fox, Dogecoin Doge, Ethereum Caticorn, Vechain Panda, and more! Save crying Dollars and collect Toy Lambos as you play through exciting crypto themed levels! Daily spins and missions help you unlock your favorite Crypto Friends.


Kawaii Crypto was born from my love of animals and my enthusiasm for Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain tech. I delved into Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in 2014 and went through the many ups and downs that the market faced. In 2017, the Cryptocurrency market experienced an extravagant rise followed by a catastrophic fall. I not only created Kawaii Crypto Bubble Pop for those like me, who are waiting for the market to recover, but to also help spread adoption to the Cryptocurrency space. 


  • Play as the adorable Kawaii Crypto Friends - Bitcoin Fox, Ethereum Caticorn, Dogecoin Doge, Monero Panther, Vechain Panda, and more to come!
  • Pop various crypto bubbles, collect toy Lambos, and save crying dollars as you play through fun crypto themed levels
  • Endless mode and more Kawaii content coming soon!







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