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Kawaii Crypto Dev Blog 1


I've shown the sneak peeks of the characters and now I will share with you my progress in creating Kawaii Crypto games and apps! Hopefully it'll help any aspiring Game Devs or anyone who was curious what the process of creating a game from start to finish was.

The way I create a game is really the way I create any project

The first and most important thing is to have the idea

Whenever I'm inspired to create something, I never think "this is an impossible dream". I always think anything is possible and if it's never been done before, then it's an opportunity to be the first.

My brainstorm session usually consists of me asking these questions:

  • What do I want to create? - In this case, I want to create a Kawaii Crypto Game.

  • Why will this be a big deal? - I want to help bring crypto mainstream, and a fun cute game would be an awesome way to do it.

  • How do I make money from this? - This, I think is an important question to ask yourself... My dream is to do the things I love and make a living from it. So, how can I monetize my projects in a way that is both fair and profitable?

  • What does the finished product look like? - I thought of a couple of games to create to start off- adventure, musical, and educational. Then I think about how to apply the cuteness and characters to each genre in a fun way.

  • How do I get this done? - I have to make 3D models of my characters, then create a fun game with them.

  • What do I need to do this on my own? - Search for plugins that can make my life easier and create this game faster.

  • What will I need to learn in order to achieve this project? - I have to learn more 3D modeling in order to customize my characters the way I want them. Some of the kawaii characters I had to redo in order to save time.

  • What will I need outside help with?- I haven't hit this wall yet but I mostly need help with marketing and getting users. I also need time, so I was able to hire someone to be in charge of Kawaii Crypto merchandise while I work on the games and apps.

Progress so far

After I made enough characters, I had to work on customizing their skins and models in order to have the characters blink and change emojis at specific events.

I ended up having 4 different meshes for the face.

  • Eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Eyebrows
  • Mouth

I use Playmaker so this is how the visual script looks like :

-Start off with Idle face, and then once the Emoji event is called it will change the material to that emoji.
Apply this template to each face mesh with some differences - Eyes will have an event every random 1.5-3 seconds it will switch to the blink material then quickly go back to the emoji eye.

Then you add these Emoji Events where the Animator is located to trigger the animations

To quickly test these I made buttons that broadcast the Emoji Event.








What to work on next:

  • Search more animation I can apply to my models. I know there are some websites where you just upload your model and they will automatically rig them and you can apply any animation from their library.
  • Apply VR plugin to camera and test
  • Character controllers

Stay tuned and follow me for more exciting updates!

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