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About Us

The Kawaii Crypto Story

These four cryptos are what led me here... I started with Bitcoin in 2014 and created fun faucet games where people earned free bitcoin (Fun Coin Games). In late 2015 I found Ethereum and experienced how awesome it was to be a holder and early investor. In mid 2017 I found Neo and that catapulted me into doing crypto full time. And last, late 2017 I found Metal Pay which inspired me to create Kawaii Crypto where I can be paid in Metal.

Me playing with the first batch... I can't believe how cute my creations came out!

Kawaii Coins

Earn Kawaii Coins when you purchase stickers then use them to redeem free stickers! $1 spent = 1 Kawaii Coin earned! 

We accept Crypto!

How do I obtain Metal?

Soon you will be able to purchase Metal on the Metal Pay app, until then you can buy Metal (MTL) with USD on Changelly. Get the amazing Metal Vault wallet

How do I obtain Ethereum?

You can purchase Ethereum with USD on Coinbase. 

How do I the other cryptos?

You can purchase the other altcoins on Changelly with Fiat or other crypto.